Songs per episode for Daria! ›

The best thing about Daria as a series was it’s careful use of music. Can someone make a spotify list please?

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Hello, Cupcake.: Attention Pro-Choicers! ›

This is super important!


This is your chance to help. To be a part of something bigger than your own morals and values.

As some of you may know, 40 Days for Life is a religiously affiliated campaign of protests against abortion, held outside of women’s health clinics. This is currently taking place and runs through

I just want the world to know that calling my student loan companies gives me MAJOR ANXIETY so sometime I don’t call when I should because I have panic attacks and get sad. The end. Thanks for listening.

Yay, I just got one of these as a gift!

Alice Bag: She Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk ›


August 1977, photo by Jenny Lens.
Alice Bag, Dottie Danger (Belinda Carlisle), Hellin Killer and Pleasant Puss Gehman.


Alice Bag

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Get a signed copy tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night at AAA Electra 99 Alice Bag will read from her book Violence Girl. There will be a small acoustic set afterwards. $5 to get in, don’t miss out!